Mr. K.R. Rajendran, Managing Director Horiaki India Ltd.

Mr. K.R. Rajendran
Managing Director
Group Horiaki India ,

own R&D for rubber products and rubber-metal
own tooling for rubber and rubber-metal products
Uli Grunow, Cofermin Germany

Mr. U.S. Grunow
Cofermin Rubber Parts,


Horiaki Europe, Liaison of Horiaki India
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We can offer a co-operation in that way that we produce one or more of the LIQUID SILICONE RUBBER PARTS (LSR) for you on our own line in India.

Our proposal to you is to evaluate the possibility of sending one of your LSR tools to Horiaki India, so that you can benefit from the following advantages:

1. we can work in 3 shifts at 350 days
2. advantageous frame conditions (low manpower cost,...) , under respecting all legal, social and
   ethical aspects
3. high volume products can be made continuously
4. as our factory is in a Free Trade Zone, we can import and export without any duty.
5. another advantage of our Free Trade Zone is that we can return your tool within 48 hours
   and no permission from our government is needed

Once our first common project proves to be successful we are ready to invest into further machines for LIQUID SLICONE RUBBER PARTS, and so we both can grow as close partners continuously.

Of course, we are ready to sign an exclusivity or confidentiality agreement for any project.

f you are interested to test our quality and service please contact the following marketing partner in Germany :
Cofermin Chemicals GmbH & Co. KG
Mr. Ulrich Grunow
Alfredstr. 61
45130 Essen

Tel. : ++49 - 201 - 799 872  0
Fax : ++49 - 201 - 799 872 22

Or you may please direct contact the producer group in India :
Horiaki India Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. K.R. Rajendran, Managing Director ("Raj")
A21/20, MEPZ, 45, National Highway, Tambaram
Chennai – 600 045

Tel  : ++91– 44- 2262 8783 
Fax : ++91– 44- 2262 4178 

e-Mail :
Skype : Raj_Horiaki